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A fast, flexible, and fun blog app. Also, an easy-to-learn web development framework. Written in newLISP.

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Running your Rockets Blog

Sign in as the Admin user

When you installed Rockets, you will have created a single Admin user, which is a user that has complete control over the blog.

Specifically, an Admin user can:

Enter your Admin email (your email is your user name) and password on the upper-right text boxes of the blog, then click Sign In, or press Enter.

Make a new blog post

At the top of your site you will see a link called “Jump to post box”. Click this link, and the page will jump down to the bottom.

Here is where you enter a new blog post. You can choose the type of post on the first dropdown menu:

Then enter your post title, a list of searchable tags (use single words separated by commas), and the main content.

Optionally, you can add a poll title and poll options that will allow registered users to vote on a topic.

Delete a blog post

The red button underneath a blog post will delete that post. You will receive a confirmation message asking if you really do want to delete that post.

Add a new user

Log out from your Admin account, and click the green Register button to create a new user. Select the three pictures of rockets from the list. Enter your email address and password, and click Register.

You should be automatically signed in as the new user, but if not, sign in with the email and password combo you chose in the upper right.

Add a forum post

Click the “Forum” link on the top menu bar, and scroll down to the New Post section. Enter in a Post Title and Body of the message, then click the Post Message button.

Delete a user

Log into your Admin account, and click your name in the upper-right part of the top menu.

From the dropdown menu that appears, click “Admin page”.

Click the “User Configuration” tab.

Find your new user and click the “Delete” link.

Review the user details and click “Delete” to confirm the deletion of the user.

Experiment and play around

Enjoy your new Rockets blog! Have fun with it!

If you ever forget your Admin password, you can recover it with the “Forgot password?” link that appears when you enter an invalid password.

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